Amber Skies

Waking up to unexpected colors of light during fire season is almost otherworldly, and not something that’s easy to get used to. 


The Mendocino Complex fire a few hundred miles north has officially become the largest fire in California history. Apparently, they can see the plumes of smoke from the International Space station. 

Tangental note: what a time to be alive, where wildfires are raging out of control over much of the western half of the continent, humans are able to spectate from orbit, and we can watch live feeds in stunning 4K HDR.

Stranger than fiction, indeed.  

Montgomery Bartholo-mew Montgomery (March 5, 2007-May 17, 2018)


We are sad to announce the passing of Montgomery Bartholo-mew Montgomery this evening after a short, but severe illness. He is survived by his cat-parents, Alexis and William, as well as his adopted brother, Ithilion. The family asks that rather than condolences, please make a small donation to the SF SPCA.

Honestly, I have never been so sad in my life. I have never loved anything with as much intensity or ferocity as Montgomery. He became so integral to my life and identity, that I know he will always be with me. If you ever consider acquiring a pet, I implore you to adopt. Especially little black kittens, they give so much love in return.

I don’t often question core aspects of my identity, and about my own perception of my life experiences, but today... wow, what a doozy. 

Many years ago, I unintentionally hurt someone, and was ashamed of it then, and am now more so after finding out they’ve held onto a perspective of my actions that I didn’t comprehend at the time. Being young and stupid, I assumed everything was ok. I couldn’t have been more wrong. And now I understand so many things unsaid throughout the years, or at least think I do.

No words or actions could ever repair the resentment held against me. And until this moment, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt regret of this magnitude. I am so terribly sorry. 

Do You Trust This Computer?

Watching this new documentary produced by Jonathan Nolan, staring Elon, and just... it makes me ask myself, are we worth saving? Looking at all of the pain and suffering we have continuously inflicted on each other, do we deserve to survive a better equipped sentience? I’m not convinced either way. 


But let’s be clear: we’re not yet taking about sentience yet. That’s a different thing than all of this basic AI. Sentience would be truly astounding and frightening. May our future overloads be benevolent. 

Going Old School

Hi there. I spent a good chunk of my day today scrubbing my FB account, and planning to reduce my overall Twitter usage. I figure, if someone wants to get know me, or stalk me online, you might as well come to my website, provide me your IP address, etc. and hey, I get to post whatever I want, no character limit, no censorship.

So, welcome whoever you are. Feel free to comment. Let’s get old school with this stuff.